Life as a Perfictionist

My life as a reading, writing, internet-obsessing teenage girl.

Time To Get Real

Hey. It's me. I'm back. I know that I have been on an unannounced hiatus these pat months and it's time to explain. I have been stuck in a spiral of anxiety and a giant lack of inspiration. Yay. However,... Continue Reading →


Hey! I'd like to apologize for the unexpected hiatus. I was struck with a terrible writers block. Now, I am back. I won't promise Thursday posts, but Sunday posts will continue as normal. -S

The Despicable Truth: Preview

He stared at me with cold and lifeless eyes, “You have no idea who I am, do you?” “If I did, I probably wouldn’t be here. But you knew that. You’re clever.” He smirked, “Funny, when we were children you... Continue Reading →

Her Other (And Better) Half

She was sat on the train, fighting with everything in her to not look back at the life she was leaving behind. She tried to not think of her twin sister, because thinking of to think of Melanie was to... Continue Reading →

Hey. I've been busy. I won't go into details, but it's been tough. That is why there has been a lacking of posts. I should be back on schedule soon. xx -S

Hey dudes! I will be on holiday for the next few weeks, so expect irregular posting! -S

The Funeral

The black clothes and black moods blended together. The rain and tears became one. And it was all because of you, though it wasn't your fault. It was anything but your fault. It was the fault of the undeniable doom... Continue Reading →

Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting High School

Hello my dear little readers! I ought to come up with a name for you guys? Maybe you guys can be perfictionists? It makes sense! Anyways, into today's post! I am in my second semester at the terrifying place known... Continue Reading →


Hello my lovely readers! This summer I entered a student short story contest through Polar Expressions Publishing! Entering was a sudden decision and I didn't have any of my good stories available, so I quickly wrote something and sent it... Continue Reading →

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