This is a slam poem that I wrote a bit ago. I did a bit of editing and voila! I managed to get something up on Sunday! Yay me. Okay bye. Enjoy

Growing up

They tell you growing up will be easy.
They tell you that you will enjoy it, that it will be fine.

Then why, with every passing day do I feel so queasy with the idea of moving on from the safe fortress of childhood dreams I have created around my self to shield from the troubles of the real world?

You learn everyday, so shouldn’t life be easier to understand with every passing minute?

Shouldn’t you, when you are still too naïve to believe in anything but happiness, be wiser to the tricks of the world?

Though this logic is, well, logical, it’s too simple and easy for the world we live in.

Our lives are made of many lies and tales, all swirled together to make the mess we call humanity.

And as we age, we slowly began to understand this horrible truth.

That is why growing up is not easy.

No matter what people tell you.

Because with every passing day we must become more of a sleuth to uncover all the lies.

You think, wouldn’t it just be so much easier to ignore the lies and live in your silly childish dreams forever?

But it isn’t because the real world exists.

They tell children from a young age not to judge those that are different from them, but it won’t work.

It never works.

At least not completely.

Because while children are being taught to love, they are being brainwashed by the bumble of bitterness all around them.
And while this hate that they absorb is not obvious for a long time it always lurks.

This hate causes judgement which causes people to care what other people think about the things that make them feel happy and safe.

And causes everyone to lose their faith in humanity.

And that is not the only reason growing up is the hardest thing anyone will ever do.

When you grow up everything you have ever known slips out from underneath you causing confusion and distress

You grow insecure and fear for your future.

You hear whispers of the world around until you are consumed by everything bad in the universe.

And this, everyone, is why growing up in this world is so hard.


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