Hey! I love YA novels. For those of you that don’t know, YA stands for young adult.

I thought, why not share some of my favourites with you guys?

So here it is, in no particular order, my favourite YA novels.

1. The Fault in Our Stars, John Green

Yes. I know. Cheesy choice, eh?

But seriously, I love this book so much and I actually cried the first time I read it. (and the second. And the third. And the first time I saw the movie. Okay I’m going to stop talking about my tears now.)

The Fault in Our Stars is about a teen girl with lung cancer named Hazel Grace Lancaster. She is forced to go to a cancer support group by her mother where she meets the severely attractive cancer survivor, Augustus Waters.

(I just want to note, I am horrible at summaries.)

It sounds like a cheesy love story and I guess it kinda is, but it is amazing and a true tear jerker.

Also, this list could probably just be a list of John Green books, but I’m just going to mention this one.

2.We are all made of molecules, Susin Nielsen


This is book is amazing.

I just read it this weekend and it has changed my entire life.

(Just kidding, I’m still the still antisocial person I was last week)

This book switches between the point of views of two character:

  • Stewart, aged 13. Academically genius. Socially useless.
  • Ashley, aged 14. On the top of the social ladder, but has terrible grades.

They are forced into the same home, when Stewart’s dad and Ashley’s mom get in a relationship. This book is humorous and light, yet absolutely brilliant at telling a tale of growing up.

We are all made of molecules  is the kind of book that leaves you with a warm fuzzy feeling inside.

3. Slated, Teri Terry

This is the first book in one of my all time favourite trilogies.

It is about 16 year old Kayla Davis. The government has told her she was a terrorist and taken her memories. Now she is supposed to start a new life, but pieces of her old life are surfacing from the shadows.

Slated is a suspenseful book with many twists and turns.

 4.  Fangirl, Rainbow Rowell

Fangirl’s main character is the introverted Cath. Her whole life revolves around the fictional universe of Simon Snow. When she goes to college, she doesn’t know if she can move on from being a total fangirl.

Fangirl is a unique coming of age story that is as funny as it is serious.

Well, that’s it. Sorry it was up a little late.

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