This year I started grade 8, in other words, I started high school.

I went from a small elementary school with around 200 students, to a high school with over 1000 people. My high school operates like it’s a small town.

As someone who has never done well in social situations, this was a strange change for me. To make it better, one of my best friends, who I had done everything from avoiding gym class to writing in the halls with, is in none of my classes. Also, I, avoider of exercising, have gym first thing on Monday.

Talk about bad luck!

When I got my schedule, I was dreading the first day of school. I wanted to switch to online schooling! I decided it would be a good idea to give it a week. I’m so glad I made that decision.

In gym, I made a few friends, which is great. It sadly includes exercise, but I haven’t been doing to bad.

My next class is science, which my best friend ended up being in. The teacher gives a lot of test, though, and I’ve never really enjoyed science. Luckily, I’m doing pretty well.

Then comes social studies, I love history, and we’re doing English history, which is my favourite. It is very enjoyable and I have a few friends in that class.

The other class is an elective. First I had woodwork, then art, and now math. Math is in elective period because of a three term math system.

I thought high school would be really scary, but in the end it turned out to be pretty decent.

If you have recently had a big change in your life, comment below and we can exchange stories and advice.

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