Today I am doing a little chatty post where I just talk to you guys.

What have I been up to recently?

I have been writing, but not as much as I would like to be doing. Unfortunately I am in that awkward in-between stage of writer’s block where I have plenty of ideas, however, I am lacking the ability to execute them.

But I’m living with it.

Altered is moving along and is only a bit behind schedule. I have been making myself write a minimum of 300 words per day, and most days I am surpassing that amount.


When I write I tend to hide for hours with headphones on and blast music. I play music that I know like the back of my hand, because I can block out outside distractions and I tend to pay less attention to music and more to writing when I know the song well. I’ve been listening to New Americana, by Halsey, Fools, by Troye Sivan, The Internet is Here, by Dan Howell and Phil Lester, Pity Party, by Melanie Martinez, and Tiffany Blews, by Fall Out Boy a lot.

One of those is not like the others.

Comment below which one is different and why below if you can figure it out.

Also I’m going to pause my hibernation to be a social person and go to a school dance. Woohoo. So much fun. So many people. Yeah.

Okay, I have no idea why I’m going. I am not the kind of person who does normal person things like that. We’ll see how that goes.

The same week I have a piano recital, so don’t expect a lot of posts in the second week of December.

I’m playing silent night and it’s going to be fun and terrifying at the same time because ugh judgement is scary and I’ve never played in front of people other than a few friends and family.

Wish me luck.

Okay. I’m going to go now because I need to get a chapter of Altered done.

I will talk to you again soon.