Winter has to be my favourite season (other then maybe autumn).

I love the festive-ness and general happiness of winter.

Here are some of my favourite things.

1. Snow

Many people I know would call me crazy for saying this, but I love snow.

One time last year, it was snowing outside and the snowflake were so large it seemed like a scene from a book. It was incredible! My teacher just let us go outside and fool around outside, and honestly, that day is probably one of my favourite memories of 2015.

As strange as it seems to some people, snow storms make me happy and just are amazing.

2. Hot Drinks

Okay. I may drink hot drinks, like tea or hot chocolate, no matter the season, but I feel like it’s far more acceptable in winter. I have a couple penguin mugs I like to use because they are just completely fabulous.

Also, Tim Hortons has really good peppermint white hot chocolate.

3. Christmas

This had to be on the list.

Don’t judge.

Anyways, I love Christmas so much. It is defiantly my favourite holiday.

So that was that, my favourite things about winter.

Bye for now,