I am never going to say that again.

I found a prompt online saying, “Your character lost someone close to them this year. Now they are spending Christmas without them.”

Big shocker.

I don’t kill anyone in this.

I originally intended it to be about a falling out between two best friends, but reading it back, it sounds more relationship-y then I intended.

So this can be a breakup story in a romantic or platonic sense.

You choose!

By the way, I actually named both characters and gave them detailed back stories.

Maybe I’ll write a sequel one day.



I never thought I would have to spend Christmas without you.

I thought I would never have to be lonely on Christmas again.

I thought you’d be by my side forever.

But now you’re gone.

Do you remember the first Christmas we spent together?

All those years ago?

We were both supposed to drive for to see our families on Christmas Eve and stay away until the new year, but the blizzard hit before either of us left.

We both could barely drive well in nice weather, let alone a storm.

At first you were disappointed, you hadn’t seen your family in ages.

I was secretly happy.

Though you told me later you could tell how joyful I was.

I’ve never been good at concealing emotions.

I never wanted to leave, things were always awkward with my family since I went to university and started to spend all my time by your side.

That storm was a blessing.

We set up the little plastic tree that was hidden in some dark corner of our apartment and strung it with all the random festive bits we could find.

That night we stayed up ’til 3 in the morning, drinking hot cocoa, laughing, and blasting Christmas music.

In the morning I woke up to the smell of pancakes and you (badly) singing along to the Michael Buble Christmas album. At breakfast we exchanged presents and ate stacks of pancakes.

The rest of that day is a blur of euphoria.

We never spent another Christmas apart.

Until now.

Now I’m stupid and foolish and you are gone.

You were the light in my life and now it’s dark.

Because I was stupid enough to think I could survive by myself.

I was stupid enough to push you away.

Now I sit in the same apartment with the same Christmas cd playing but one thing is different.

I am alone.

Because you left months ago, after that horrible fight and are spending Christmas at your parent like you were supposed all those years ago and I, the horrible coward, sit in the apartment you abandoned me in.

Because celebrating Christmas with out you is like moving on.

And moving on is like forgetting.

And I don’t want to forget all the years of happiness we had.

I don’t think I’ll think of Christmas in the same way that I used to anymore.

That was that.

Mildly depressing but don’t worry, I have a sequel planned that should include a happy ending.

Until tomorrow,


Edit: The sequel is up!