I don’t even know where I’m getting inspiration from at this point.

My sanity and dignity is leaving a tiny bit with every blogmas post.


Anyways, I’ll stop trying to gain pity now.

This is what I think Santa wants for Christmas.

1. A Holiday

I mean, do you know how hard this guy works!?

He’d probably appreciate a nice Caribbean cruise with Mrs. Claus.

2. A Robot Elf Workforce

Can you imagine how expensive it is to pay all those elves.

Actually, scratch that.

I just imagined an army of ten thousand metal robot elves and it is terrifying.

3. Amazon Prime Membership

Wouldn’t it be so mush easier if he could just order all the presents?

4. A High Speed Jet

Now I’m just killing the spirit of Christmas.

But, seriously!

Santa could deliver stuff so much quicker this way!

5. A Heir To His Christmas Legacy

We all know Santa secretly dreams of the day he can finally retire.


I’m going to stop before I kill the spirit of Christmas.