I have the best luck ever!

(Can you detect the sarcasm?)

I live in a city where the winters are torturous. Lately it has been -27°C! Over Christmas break, I’m going to the Okanogan, where the weather is normally as warm as can be. This week, zero where I live, and, like, -8°C in the Okanogan!


Also, I am writing this the day before it is going up, because I will be spending my weekend in a car. My mum and I are driving to the Okanogan either Saturday (the day this goes up) or Sunday. Because I will be with family, don’t be shocked if I either miss a day of blogmas or post something really lame. I will try to be consistently posting decent things, but we’ll see.

The long car drive will be interesting for me, as I get horrendously carsick. Literally, if I blink for two long I will projectile vomit all over the car. To make it better, medicine doesn’t affect me, so things like gravol do not help!


I reread The Book Thief, by Markus Zusak the other day and it was as amazing as the first eight hundred times I read it. You should check it out, mate.

Did I actually just say mate?!


I technically didn’t.

I typed it.

Still terrible though.


Oh my god. I have said, I mean typed, an exaggerated ‘ugh’ three times.


(Four times now.)

I have been watching Yuri On Ice lately and it is really cool. I love it because it is one of the only mainstream animes to have a lgbtq+ couple.

(If you haven’t seen it and want to skip this next paragraph because of spoilers.)

I squealed and went into a mess of fangirling when Yuri and Victor kissed and then again when they got engaged. Episode 12 killed me. I am dead. I think that Yuri will lose the grand prix finals and retire. Victor will probably go back to skating. I hope they don’t break up and end up actually getting married, though I know deep in my heart that is unlikely.

Okay, enough about Yuri On Ice. Actually, one more thing.

Like the show or not, you will love opening theme. Go check out an amazing cover of it.

GO to youtube and search ‘history maker by AmaLee’.

I promise you won’t egret it