Hello! This is a little drabble through the point of view of a character you guys will be meeting soon, as I’m currently writing a short story about him. I wrote this for inspiration about his ideas about the world.


they hold so much meaning to so many people

there have been infinite things




all written about them

in reality, all they are is glowing balls of deadly radiation floating through space

i suppose it isn’t what they are that hold so much meaning

it’s what they represent

they represent a world of endless possibilities and opportunities

waiting to be discovered

or something like that

honestly i don’t understand why people find hope in stars

because i am nothing but a harsh realist

looking for the answer to the unanswerable questions

reaching for the unreachable truths of the universe

maybe the answers to me queries would be found in the stars that so many people hold so dear

or maybe i’m just losing my mind

That was interesting for me to write, as someone who finds foolish hope when looking at the stars. I tried to fathom why this could be and in all reality I have zero idea. Maybe I agree with our unnamed narrator. 🤔

This post is going to send me into an existential crisis.

Oh well.