10 January 2003.

The day of my birth.

In two days time, I will be yet another year older.


In a way, 14 is a bigger milestone to me then 13 was.

Ever since I first started to get serious about writing, a majority of my characters have all shared a few qualities.


Unfit to complete whatever task I set before them.

And 14.

All of their lives were seemingly normal until they were 14.

When they are 14, something happens.

A death.

A birth.

A challenge.

I always felt that when I turned 14, then I would know if I was different.



I guess I thought that once I was past the age many of my characters became different at, then all possibilities for the impossible would disappear.

I don’t think that anymore.

Because 14 is too young.

Too young to kill.

To young to torture.

To young to break into bits.

That’s why Altered’s main character is 15.