It’s your favourite socially awkward Canadian here with some thing to love about her country!

Now, on to the topic at hand!

I was feeling oddly patriotic, so I decided to write this!

Onto the list!

1. Maple Syrup


Isn’t that photo the best‽

I searched “maple syrup” on my favourite stock photo website and that is what I found.

I’m not even sorry.

2. We created the phrase ‘trick or treat’


Apparently, ‘trick or treat’ was first said in Alberta!

I have no idea if this is real but a random website said it is so I’m going to choose to believe it.

3. Canada is the home of some pretty cool people


This is Lucy Maud Montgomery.

You maybe haven’t heard of her, but you probably have heard of her most famous book.

Anne of Green Gables.

Avril Lavigne, Shania Twain, Ryan Reynolds, Neil Young, Justin Bieber, Celine Dion and, Jim Carrey are all famous Canadians.

4. One  of our universities literally has a Batman course…


The University of Victoria has a batman course…

I wish I could tell you what it is about, but I have zero idea.

5. We have polar bears.


I feel like there is no need for me to expand on this…

6. Our beautiful landscape

canada panorama.jpg

Canada has beautiful forests and lakes and mountains and all that stuff!

7. Canada was the third country to legalize gay marriage


We started allowing gay marriage back in 2005 (or some year around there)!

There you have it!

Some reason to love Canada!

If you are a fellow Canadian, comment down below with your favourite things about our country!

If you aren’t, let me know where you are from, and your favourite things about your home country!

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