I have read so many blog posts about this, and I feel like this will be very unscientific compared to them.

Well, let’s go.

I feel like the best place to start is to tell you my blog name, though it is at the top of the webpage.

Life as a Perfictionist

If you have been a reader since the beginning, you will know that this was not always the name of my blog.

It was formally ‘Denouement Publishing’.

First, I will explain that name.

I don’t know about other countries, but when you are a self publishing author registering for an ISBN, you must have a publisher name.

My publisher name is Denouement Publishing.

I wanted to create a website to share my writing, so my original website was born.

After a while, I was unhappy with that name. I felt it didn’t suit my content.

To find a new name, I did what anyone would do.

I googled the following:

  • Unique Words
  • Underused Words
  • Underused Words in the English Language
  • Words for Writers
  • Words for Book Lovers

I found the word ‘perfictionist’.

Perfictionist: n. A fiction reader with high standards for what they read

(That is not the exact definition, I didn’t feel like googling it.)

Perfictionist is a word that describes me perfectly.

After I found that, the rest came easy.

Do you have a blog? If you do, link it to me in the comments! Also, tell me how you came up with the name for your blog!