I don’t know if I told you guys this yet, but it is a two (3?) part book and part one is done!

Also, the book cover is done!!!


*insert happy dance here*

Because I want to get this book out asap, I have been actually productive lately.

I use the term productive lightly.

I spend my time either writing or procrastinating writing by reading and playing sims and actually writing.

As an expert at procrastinating, here are my best ways to not be productive:

  1. Play iPhone games for three hours straight
  2. Make all your book characters on the sims
  3. Spend two hours trying to draw your main character
  4. Read four books on English history
  5. Read each of Henry VII’s wives Wikipedia pages
  6. Make said wives on the sims
  7. Sleep
  8. Watch the entirety of Yuri on Ice eight times
  9. Reread Harry Potter

These are the methods that help me put off getting my book published!

Anyways, bye for now!