Today, #ThisIsWhatAnxietyFeelsLike is trending on twitter, and it got me thinking.

Because while I don’t really have diagnosed anxiety, I am a sufferer of regular panic attacks. I thought, why not write about my experiences.

I get panic attacks over the most stupid and trivial things. I can never really feel them coming on.

They just happen.

I can barely breathe and my heart feels like it’s stopping and speeding up all at once.

It feels like a fist clenching my throat causing me to fight to function.

Anxiety feels like drowning and falling and fighting.

Anxiety is worrying about trivial things so much the thought of social interaction makes me want to scream.

I can’t think or feel.

I go numb, yet I am overwhelmed with emotion.

It’s like I’ve been running until I can’tW breathe, but I can’t stop running no matter how hard I try.

It feels like my brain is filled with static.

To summarize, anxiety feels like crap.

That was just a short piece, because I had a rare bout of inspiration.

Sorry about the lack of activity of late.

Have you experienced anxiety or panic attacks? Tell me about your experiences or tricks to calm down below.