Hello my dear little readers! I ought to come up with a name for you guys? Maybe you guys can be perfictionists? It makes sense!

Anyways, into today’s post! I am in my second semester at the terrifying place known as high school, and wanted to share some things that I wish I knew before embarking on this terrifying adventure.

1. You will lose friends, but you’ll make some too

Since starting high school, I have completely lost contact with some of my favourite people and become distant with others.

This is inevitable.

No matter what we like to think, the ideal of ‘friends forever’ is very rare and very special.

Cherish it when you do have it, but don’t be too grieved if it’s not meant to be.

That being said, I have also met some awesome people this year!

There’s one girl I only met a bit ago, and I already can’t imagine how boring it would be without all her craziness! I’ve met one guy who is one of the most amazing people I know!  (For my grandmothers sake, I’d like to mention there is nothing even semi-romantic going on)

2. You aren’t a genius, unless you are, but you probably aren’t

All through elementary school, I was being given work far beneath my skill level. This created an unhealthy bout of arrogance (which has been replaced with anxiety, but that’s  a story for another day and/or this post.) and made me think I was the next Einstein.

That was very, very bad!

While subjects like math, social studies, and English still come naturally I was hit with two cold, hard, pieces of reality.

These pieces of reality are science and French.

I no am longer top in everything. I have to use considerable effort. You may think I’m just being dramatic, but I know this is something that many people find hard to process.

3. You are a midget

I’ve never been the tallest, standing at only 5’4, but I was taller than most people at my elementary school. When I got to high school, I was surrounded by people who were six feet tall! I was already intimidated,  but this was insane!

I think this was one cause of the second day of school anxiety attack!

4. Carry minimal supplies

If your school is as large as mine, it takes quite the walk to get to class. This is tougher when you have loads of supplies.

Take only what you need!!!!

5. Teachers don’t get mental health as much as they should


Not ALL teachers, but most.

Part of my whole social anxiety thing is a fear of public speaking.

Teacher don’t like that.

Especially my English/French teacher.

On day one of English, I was expected to introduce my friend Dael to the class and she had to introduce me. We had ten minutes to prep.

I spent the ten minutes trying to prevent a panic attack.

My teacher didn’t care! I had to read out anyways and ended up having a full on crying mess panic attack!

But that is beside the point.

My point is, if you aren’t mentally able to do something, try to explain to your teacher, if they don’t understand talk to a parent/guardian, counselor, or another trusted adult!

There we go!

Everything I wish I knew before I started high school.

What are some things you wish you knew before high school?